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Evaluating the Past Riding Season and Setting New Goals

With the change of seasons it is time for me to reflect on the past few months and think about what I would like to do during the winter months. Think about what my horse is telling me that we should work on.

We made some strides forward and experienced one issue which makes this past riding season pretty normal. My first thought, when I reflect back, is how can it be over all ready! It seems like we just went out for our first ride of the season! Right from the first ride I could tell he was becoming a more experienced trail horse. We are both more relaxed and enjoy our rides. He doesn’t worry about dogs attacking him and when something does surprise him he spooks in place instead of the spin and run!


Thinking about all of the places we rode this summer, two parks were new to Tez, Zumbro Bottoms and Lake Elmo Park Reserve. I had ridden them before with Sahmira but it had been a long time since I had been at Zumbro Bottoms. We also rode at our usual places which include Murphy Hanerhan, Lebanon Hills, UMore, Wilderness County Park, Crow Hassen, Hay Creek and Fort Ridgely. I think that is most of the places for this season. It is pleasant to think back to all of the rides. One place we didn’t get to this season was riding along the Minnesota River in Jordan due to the rain we had in September. Hopefully that area will be fixed up for next year.

We also participated in two clinics at Liz Graves where we worked on control of our horses body such as shoulder in, and bending in the rib cage. Making sure that you keep your body soft and straight while asking for these manuevers. We worked on building a better relationship/rapport with our horse by thinking “we” not “me’ and changing our vocabulary as I discussed in a previous post.

I was disappointed in our Limited Distance Ride at Fort Ridgely but became more aware as a result of the experience. Initially I was confused and disappointed in our ride and Tez’ behavior, I rode through his antics which was a confidence booster for me but after the fact I realized he was acting the way he did because he was out of alignment and needed a chiropractic adjustment. At the beginning of the ride I thought his action were because he was excited and they may well have been. It also may have been what caused his problem. The second loop was the part that confused me as I expected him to settle down to business like he had done in past rides. I finally did get off of him and walk him in. I finally figured out he had a problem the next time I rode him out on the trail in a relaxed atmosphere and he bucked repeatedly. OK, now I understood that there was a problem and I had to go through the list in my head. Could it be his teeth, was he off, he didn’t feel lame, or was he out of adjustment. I had a different saddle on him, and had Liz Graves check that for me, so I knew that it wasn’t saddle fit. As I said, I am more aware now. It is all about me learning and Tez is a great teacher!

This coming winter I am going to work on building our rapport, working together. I am going to think “we” not “me”. We are going to go on walks together, spend time together without working, without trying to accomplish too much, spend time together and hopefully he will want to spend time with me. This will also gives us some much needed exercise and keep us at least partially in shape over the winter. I would like to lose about 10 pounds and that will help me be a better rider for him. I really want to build a partnership with him.

I am also going to take a few lessons this winter to improve my level of riding. I haven’t taken lessons for a couple of years now and I have really stalled out. If we make some progress on our goals this winter we will have that much more fun next summer out on the trails! And that is what riding is all about for me, enjoying nature with my horsey companion and hoping that he feels the same way!


Should You Trust Free Horse Racing Tips?

When you are looking around for tips on gambling, you may want to spend as little money as possible, especially when starting up. This leads you to searching online and offline for free horse racing tips to help you win. However, should you trust the tips that you find online? This depends on where the tips come from and the ulterior motive from the person giving the tip.


Trusting Tips from Bookmakers

There are some bookmakers that offer free horse better tips, but can you really trust them? It is important to remember that these companies are trying to make money and the only way they would do that is by you losing. Why would they give tips that will help you win? Be suspicious of the tips that you receive from the bookmakers and double check them with regular gamblers who do well.

Trusting Tips from Betting Blogs

There are some regular gamblers who will put their tips on their blogs. This helps them make money and aids others. However, can you trust them? This depends on the blog and the type of person writing them. The free horse racing tips may be written by a professional gambler who has made plenty of money. The problem is that you do not know who is on the other side. Do your research into the blog owner and double check any tip that you find.

Trusting Tips from Forums

There are forums that will offer free horse racing tips but can you trust these? The benefit of forums is that if someone puts a bad tip up, there are others who will be willing to counter that with a good tip. There is more protection than on other online websites. However, you have to hope that there are good people who are willing to give away their best tips for free. You may find that these forums have a members only area where you have to pay to enter to gain the best tips for horse racing bets.

The internet is full of places to find free horse racing tips but you need to look into the reliability of these sources. Take your time to research into the people who post tips online and double check the tips with others. You may find that your best option is to walk into a bookies and talk to the regulars. Find those who regularly win and have a good reputation for giving good tips to help new people.





Should You Trust the Best Horse Racing Tips Online?

When looking for the best horse racing tips, you may start your search online. This is full of websites dedicated to gambling and horse racing. Some are dedicated to pure tips for beginners while others cater for all capabilities. However, should you trust the tips offered online? Before you accept any tips, here are some steps you should take?


Can You Find Out More About the Poster?

Do you know much about the poster of the best horse racing tips? The likely answer is no. The problem with the internet is that the poster is able to hide behind a computer screen and post about anything he or she wishes. This could lead to you trusting tips from teenagers who have no gambling experience. Find out more about any poster of tips to make sure they are reliable and reputable.

Can You Find Out More About the Website?

How long has the website been running for? Has it changed hands? Is it trustworthy? Do your research into the websites offering the tips by looking into what others say about it. You may be surprised to find some longstanding betters gaining recent tips from the websites or may find out that the websites are pure scams.

Do You Need to Pay?

Most websites will offer free tips at first but may ask that you pay for the best horse racing tips. You will need to do your research into the websites first and try out the free tips. If the free tips work well and the reviews are good, you may find that spending a few pounds each month to gain tips is worth the hundreds that you win on the races. However, there is no point paying money to read something that you could have found out online for free.

Do the Websites Allow Comments?

When looking at the websites, check to see if others are able to leave comments. This may help you gain the best advice as those leaving comments will be able to say if the tips are worth following or not. They may also leave further tips to help you with your betting experience. If they do not allow comments, you may find that the websites are running scams and not allowing others to warn people of that.

Do your research. Just because a website says that it is offering the best horse racing tips does not mean that it really is. Find out more about the owners and posters to make sure the advice is good.

Have you seen a good breed Spanish horse running in a race in the USA?

I bet you have, how the horse came to the USA from Spain? Like other animals, horses can also be transported from one place to another. Many companies provide the services to your horses in moving them from one country to another. The transportation of the horse can either be local or even international. Some local or global horse transportation companies, provide excellent facilities to your horses so that no problem happens to the horses while carrying them across the country. This process is called as horse transportation. Horse transportation has become a very renowned method of transporting the horses overseas because a lot of games and sports nowadays require horses. For example, it may be for horse racing, sports gambling, betting on racing horses, etc. Even, lately, visiting places on the back of the horses have become very popular. In Spain, one of the most popular ways of traveling is on the back of horses. Apart from recreational purposes, horses are used even in agricultural and factory works, for this reason, the want of high-breed horses have increased in the world, and this is where horse transportation comes handy.

horse running in a race

Many companies transport horses internationally. But, while choosing the international horse transporter, you need to be careful about some facts so that you can choose the best one. Among all the horse carrier, the best one who ship the horse to the international destination is IHT. They ship horses all over the world, and they are doing business for more than forty years. So, if you choose them, you can be assured that they are experienced handling customers as well as they know what are the primary need of a client regarding the transportation of the horses. They provide service via all three ways as in road, sea, and air. Though the international service is available only by air, they ship horses everywhere inside Europe via road. They also use the sea to provide stable to stable service for the ease of their clients. Whether it is a top athlete horse, a brood mare or even a Shetland, they take care of each and every horse equally. The client may take their service for one horse or a hundred horse the IHT caring for each and every horse equally. They give all the necessary foods and medicines that a horse need. The airlines or the cargo used for the transportation of horses are of very high quality and have a large space where the horses can travel comfortably. They provide excellent service at an affordable price because the satisfaction of the clients is their primary concern. They will also arrange all the necessary documentation as well as medical reports needed for the international transportation of the horses.

There are other companies who provide this service but if you judge in respect of price, quality and service then no one can beat the service provided by IHT.

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Are You Ready for Some Horse Racing Action?

One of a oldest sports in America that has got everybody bending is equine racing. There is no doubt in mind that a lot of people find fun and fad usually by examination a race. On a other hand, there are also those that found that they can unequivocally double their income usually by selecting a best horse. But then, if we are one of those who have small income to spare, this is not something that we should try into.

Like any other kinds of gamble, we can never be too certain if a equine racing outcome will be in your favor. Those who have been betting in this competition for prolonged have satisfied that anything can occur generally if we do not cruise some critical factors associated to equine racing.


If we are vigilant on winning your play in equine racing, we have to teach yourself on how a whole competition works. Below are some of a things we need to cruise about equine racing.

1. The chemistry behind a sport.

Betting on a certain equine is not usually about selecting a one that we consider is strongest or fastest. The initial thing we have to do is to know a thought behind a race.

Have a simple bargain about a many manners and strategies of a game. Your initial regard should be a equine we will put your play on. If we do not have any thought about these horses, a best thing to do is find a equine racing magazines with a latest examination on a horses that have already competed.

Through these magazines, we will review about that horses are among a favorites of those who are fixation their bets. Most mostly than not, we will also see statistics that tallies a series of loot of any horses.

From your reading, we will have an thought that horses are best to play and that ones to avoid.

2. Survey a horses and a racetrack personally.

Aside from reading a reviews, it is also advisable to privately check out for yourself a horses that will be competing. You can do this by visiting a racetrack early on when it is already open to a public.

SEE if your favorite equine looks good and good conditioned on that sold day. Watch out all a horses’ movements and check if they are in high spirits and are means of using a good race.

While there, we can also check out a racetrack itself. Do an research of a whole scenario. From your perception, we will be means to tell a initial outcome of a competition usually from looking during a place it will be held.

3. Money we can means to lose.

Horse racing is a gamble. And usually like any other gamble, income can be mislaid in an instant. Always bear in mind that in this game, there are always winners and losers. And we can turn one of a losers.

Be certain that a income we gambled in equine racing is something that we can means to lose. Even if we feel that we are on a winning streak, fitness can change march any minute. As prolonged as a competition is not nonetheless over, anything can occur and your income is still on a line.

Bear these considerations in mind. Once we have prepared yourself good and is prepared to accept a consequences of your actions, afterwards it is time for we to suffer equine racing.

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Horse Racing Throughout a History

Man has been famous to use horses for racing given this specie was initial domesticated. Historical evidences exhibit that as early as 4500 BC, a winding people of Central Asia has already grown systems of equine racing. In fact, a Greeks are famous to have incorporated equine racing in a Olympics given 638 BC.

Both a chariot equine racing and a mounted equine racing were renouned during these ages. These after became an mania among Romans when they have adopted a sport.

racing horse

For thousand of years that followed, this form of sports was famous to be achieved usually for a eminent group and royalties.

Modern racing is pronounced to have started in a 12th century when a initial tact between Arabian and English horses were made. These were sparred by a lapse of a eminent knights to a mom land after a Crusades. These are famous to have constructed stout horses with glorious speed. Thus, breeders maximized a potentiality of a racehorse and put them into tracks. This multiply is a Thoroughbred that we know of currently that is still a many renouned multiply in a United Kingdom.

King Charles II was famous to have hold equine races in his private courses during 1660 to 1685.

By a 16th century, a English had been famous to furnish a series of racecourses. Queen Anne who founded a Ascot in 1711 is famous to have done equine racing an central sport.

Halfway in 1700’s, a Jockey Club was combined by a arising of a chosen total concerned in equine racing. This classification was a initial multitude of jockeys that determined a extensive manners and regulations including a standards as lonesome by a sports. Thus, they became a overseers of a sports and authorised equine racing events.

The Jockey Club was also a initiator for a law of tact among horses. Thus, James Weatherby, an accountant of a Jockey Club during those times, traced behind a family lines of all racing breeds in England. His researches brought onward a announcement of a General Stud Book, that was basically, a basement of management in terms of a breeds that could be put to race. According to a General Stud Book, usually those pedigrees that have descended from a line of a “foundations sires” are deliberate as Thoroughbreds. The substructure sires are the: Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian.

Only in 17th century did a competition arrive in America for that a really initial racetrack was seen in a Long Island. While it has turn a favorite past time among Americans, no one instituted a formalization of equine racing until after a Civil War. Because of a already-established mania and a industrial development, and widespread gambling on equine races, a competition grew mostly by a year 1890 when 314 handling marks are famous to be on unchanging operation in a country.

Due to a miss of a ruling body, this competition had turn quite dominated by rapist elements. In 1894 though, a many distinguished and high-ranking fast owners met and orderly a American Jockey Club that was patterned on a complement as used by a Jockey Club in England.

Nowadays a competition has reached several countries opposite a globe. Governing bodies were also shaped to umpire a equine racing events.

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